John 14:15 ESV
Jesus said:
"If you love Me, you will keep my commandments."
I am writing this as I am nowhere near perfect and I repent for my sins.
Who are you imitating today? Who are you looking up to? Who or what is influencing you? It appears that we as Christians have forgotten who to imitate. We should imitate Jesus. The bible has left instruction that we are to be like Jesus. The trouble is I am afraid, that a lot of us do not know what that looks like as we are not spending the time we need in the Word of God. I heard it said that in a recent 2020 Barna poll with Evangelical Christians that 52% believed there is no absolute moral truth! What have we been reading!!! It cannot be the bible....or we believe the bible is not the true Word of God. We have allowed culture to influence the church instead of the opposite. Please carve out a time and place where you can read His Word, so we can be imitators of the One who saved us. Can you imagine what a revival that would be?
In Christ,

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